• delightful...

    all natural premium caribbean icecream

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  • Mmmmm SO Good!

    dream of the caribbean with each yummy spoonfull.... 

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  • Coconut

    a unique coconut experience 

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  • the perfect Dessert

    Enjoy with friends & family members

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  • Rum & Raisin

    The taste is fantastic and takes you back to the Caribbean.

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Caribbean delight

Enjoy delicious Coconut, Mango, Guava/Passion Fruit and Rum & Raisin

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Ice Cream

kick back and enjoy some sunshine in every spoonful

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Our Ice Cream Story

Neale’s Sweet N Nice ice cream, a brand that originated in 1940s Trinidad and Tobago, restarted in Canada in 2013 with just two flavours; Mango and Coconut. It was through the passion of bringing our Granddad’s ice cream flavours back to life, and creating a family legacy, that this remarkable product was reborn.

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Yummy Ice Cream

enjoy a taste of the caribbean with friends

Our Story