Frequently Asked Questions

A: Thank you for your inquiry! We do
not, sorry! But we have had a lot of requests for vegan/dairy free, and are
working on it! :) thank you!

A: Yes! All of our ice cream is made in a completely nut free (peanut, tree nuts etc) facility.

A: Almond Extract is a natural
flavouring and is not made from Almonds. This is listed on our old packaging -
All our new packaging simple states “Natural flavours”

A: Yes! Our ingredients are certified
Kosher. You will find the kosher logo on our packaging.

A: Yes, all our ingredients are all

A: Malterodextin is a natural food stabilizer that is derived from plants
and is used to improve texture and shelf life.

A: We currently carry 7 flavours!
Guava Passion Fruit
Pineapple Coconut
Rum and Raisin
Banana Chocolate

A: Hello! We only carry tropical flavours, handcrafted by our grandfather Charles A. Neale in Trinidad and Tobago.

A: Thank you for your inquiry! We have
had a lot of requests for that flavour, and are working on something, stay

A: Don’t worry! You can also purchase our ice cream at major grocery retailers, such as NoFrills, Freshco, Sobeys, Metro, Loblaws, and more!
You can find us across the country in various provinces. Use our google map tool to find a location nearest you.

A: Not yet! For now only in Canada,
watch this space.

A: Our address at Stackt Market is (TBD)
Our shop hours at Stackt Market are Monday-Thursday 12-8, and Friday -Sunday

A: Yes, we have partnered with Bananas Beach Grill & Rum Shack as our second pop-up shop. They are located at 795 Trim Road in Ottawa

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