About us

Neale’s Sweet N Nice ice cream, a brand that originated in 1940s Trinidad and Tobago, restarted in Canada in 2013 with just two flavours; Mango and Coconut. It was through the passion of bringing our Granddad’s ice cream flavours back to life, and creating a family legacy, that this remarkable product was reborn.

After months of painstakingly taking the original home-made recipe through industrial trials and also working with the University of Guelph, Sweet N Nice launched in the Toronto market to about 20 stores in the summer of 2013.

Following the initial launch, the founding family Team Developed and launched new flavours; Rum and Raisin (to popular demand) and Guava Passion Fruit in 2014 and have now expanded to more stores across the greater Toronto region from Oshawa to as far as Stoney Creek.

Two of the founding team, first cousins and grand-children of Charles Alfred Neale, appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den show on the 11th February 2015 on the Family Day episode, introducing to the Dragons and all of Canada the Sweet N Nice Ice Cream family story.

Check out our pitch to the Dragons on CBC's Dragons Den