Q: Do you have a vegan or dairy free option?

A: Thank you for your inquiry! We do not, sorry! But we have had a lot of requests for vegan/dairy free, and are working on it! :) thank you!


Q: Is your ice cream nut free?

A: Yes! All of our ice cream is made in a nut free facility.

Q: Is your ice cream kosher?

A: Yes! Our ingredients are certified Kosher. We are finalizing the kosher logo on our packaging.


Q: Are your ingredients all natural?

A: Yes, all our ingredients are all natural.


Q: Why is malterodextrin in your ingredient list?

A:  Malterodextin is a natural food stabilizer that is derived from plants and is used to improve texture and shelf life.


Q: What flavours do you have?

A: We currently carry 5 flavours! https://www.sweetnnice.ca/pages/flavours
🥭 Mango
🥥 Coconut
🏝 Guava Passion Fruit
🍍 Pineapple Coconut
🥃 Rum and Raisin 

Q: Why don’t you have vanilla?

A: Hello! We only carry tropical flavours, handcrafted by our grandfather Charles A. Neale inTrinidad and Tobago. https://www.sweetnnice.ca/pages/flavours


Q: Do you have soursop or grape-nut?

A: Thank you for your inquiry! We have had a lot of requests for that flavour, and are working on something, stay tuned. https://www.sweetnnice.ca/pages/flavours


Q: I don’t live in Toronto. Do you have locations outside of Toronto?

A: Don’t worry! You can also purchase our ice cream at major grocery retailers, such as NoFrills, Freshco, Sobeys, Metro, and more!

You can find us in Ontario, British Columbia and Manitoba & Quebec. Use our google map tool to find a location nearest you. https://www.sweetnnice.ca/pages/where-to-buy


Q: Do you stock or ship to other countries outside of Canada?

A: Not yet! For now only in Canada, watch this space. 


Q: Where is your shop located?

A: Our address at Stackt Market is 28 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5V 0C6 (parking at 3 Tecumseth St. Toronto) Our shop hours at Stackt Market are Monday-Thursday 12-8, and Friday -Sunday 12-9. 


Q: Do you have any other pop up shops?

A: Yes, we have partnered with Bananas Beach Grill & Rum Shack as our second pop up shop. They are located at 795 Trim Road in Ottawa.


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